Logic Diagram Of 2 Bit Comparator

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Logic Diagram Of 2 Bit Comparator - span class news dt oct 12 2019 span nbsp 0183 32 logic circuit of a 2 bit parator how to design a 4 bit parator the truth table for a 4 bit parator would have 4 4 256 rows so we will do things a bit differently here we will pare each bit of the two 4 bit numbers and based on that parison and the weight of their positions we will draft a truth table this is the 2 bit parator circuit diagram with the detailed explanation of its working principles the electronic circuit simulator helps you to design the 2 bit parator circuit and to simulate it online for better understanding 2 bit parator similarly we can have 2 bit parator and the table to list all the binations at input and their corresponding outputs is as a b f a gt b f a b f a lt b span class news dt jul 07 2015 span nbsp 0183 32 by using above obtained boolean equation for each output the logic diagram can be implemented by using four.
not gates seven and gates two or gates and two ex nor gates the figure below shows the logic diagram of a 2 bit parator using basic logic gates it is also possible to construct this parator by cascading of two 1 bit parators

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